Table of Contents:
ANALYZERS: Spectrum, Network, Semiconductor, Signal, Power Quality
COUNTERS: Frequency; Universal, Time Interval, Microwave
GENERATORS: Signal RF, Function, Pulse, Data, Video, Surge
Multimeters, RF Power Meters, LCR Meters, Electrometers, Magnetic field
OSCILLOSCOPES: Digital storage (DSO), Analog, Semiconductor Curve Tracers
Power Supplies; Lab, System, Benchtop, AC Sources, Current Sources
Amplifiers, Laser and Optical Test, Enviriomental Test Equipment
Telecommunication Test Equipment, Cable testing, BERT
Advantest  R3261D 9kHz-3.6GHz with 1Hz maximum resolution. Specialized signal measurement modes including RF power. IN STOCK. pic   1950
Advantest  TR4131 10kHz-3.5GHz portable spectrum analyzer. GPIB, RS-232, Video out, Audio jack. pic IN STOCK 1950
Anritsu MS2663B 9kHz-8.1GHz. Color display, Freq. counter, C/N, Adjacent ch. pwr, occupied freq. BW, burst avg. pwr., 110dB dynamic range. pic 3500
HP  8557A 10kHz-300MHz, 70dB attenuator, -60dBm sensitivity. Add HP 182 Large screen display for only $150    650
HP  8566B 100Hz-22GHz Synthesized accuracy delivers 10Hz resolution, -99.9 to 30dBm range  2950
HP 8568B 100Hz-1.5GHz, 1Hz resolution, -150 to 30 dB measurement range. GPIB 1750
HP  8569A 10kHz-22GHz, Signal storage, memory, GPIB output to printer or plotter.  IN STOCK 3500
Agilent 8564E 40GHz Spectrum Analyzer. IN STOCK   9500
HP  8590A 10kHz -1.5GHz, Portable spectrum analyzer. 1 kHz resolution, opt 021 (HPIB). New CRT pic  IN STOCK.   1350
HP  8591A 10kHz -1.8GHz, Portable spectrum analyzer. 1kHz resolution, 4 digit accuracy. pic  IN STOCK.   1750
HP 8591E 9kHz-1.8GHz Portable Spectrum Analyzer. Mil spec ruggedness. 006gd 1750
HP  8595E 9kHz -6.5GHz Spectrum analyzer. 30Hz resolution. Available options: 004, 021, 041, 130.  pic  IN STOCK.   1950
HP  11729C Carrier-Noise test set. 10MHz-18GHz No negative options, full band coverage, +7dBm 950
HP 70611A Attenuator switch driver for HP 70000 series spectrum analyzers. IN STOCK 650
HP 70310A Precision Frequency Reference for HP 70000 series spectrum analyzers. IN STOCK  350
HP 70620B Preamplifier Module for HP 70000 series spectrum analyzers. IN STOCK  1200
HP 70910A RF Section for HP 70000 series spectrum analyzers. 26.5GHz. IN STOCK 2500
HP 71209A Spectrum analyzer system 100Hz-26.5GHz, 10Hz resolution. IN STOCK 4500
HP 71910A Wideband Surveillance Receiver / Spectrum Analyzer. IN STOCK 7950
HP 70950A Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) 600-1700nm. IN STOCK 6950
HP 86140A Optical Spectrum Analyzer. Covers L Band, S Band, C Band. 600-1700nm  IN STOCK 11995
Agilent 86142B Optical Spectrum Analyzer Covers L Band, S Band, C Band. 10pm resolution IN STOCK 11995
Tektronix 2710 1.8GHz Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking generator option 4 1750
SRS SR1 Dual Domain 2 Channel Audio Analyzer. Built in generator, 200kHz BW, Optical inputs. IN STOCK 6z5 6950
HP 3582A 25kHz dual channel spectrum analyzer with built in noise soource. Wide dynamic range, filtering functions 1950
Agilent  1670D 136 channel, 100MHz/250MHz, Deep memory logic analyzer. 1MB per channel, Ethernet port. IN STOCK 1250
Agilent 1670G 500MHz, 136 channel logic analyzer. Options 2 and 3. 6z50 1950
Agilent 1672G 500MHz, 68 channel logic analyzer. 6z50 1250
Agilent  1672E 68 channel, 100MHz/250MHz, Deep memory logic analyzer. 1MB per channel  Hard drive, Ethernet port  pic  IN STOCK 650
HP  1630D 100MHz Timing-25MHz State 43 channels. All probes are included   395
HP  1631D 50MHz 200MS/s DSO with 100MHz 43 Channel Logic analyzer.  pic      650
HP  1650B 100MHz Timing-35MHz State 80 chan. ALL PROBES INCLUDED. Menu driven user interface, floppy   pic    650
HP  1653B 100/35MHz Timing/State 32 channels with 100MHz DSO.  Floppy drive storage  pic  ALL PROBES INCLUDED.  IN STOCK   650
HP  1661C 500/100MHz Timing/State 102 channels ALL PROBES 8kb/chan.  IN STOCK   995
HP  1662AS 500MHz Timing-100MHz State 68 channels & 250MHz, 1Gs/s oscilloscope. 8kb/chan. Mouse, All probes included. IN STOCK. pic 1250
HP  1660CS 500/100MHz Timing/State 136 chan. & 250MHz, 1Gs/s oscilloscope. 8kb/chan. Mouse, ALL PROBES INCLUDED. IN STOCK 1250
HP  16500B Logic Analyzer 500MHz /110MHz Timing/State, 68 Chan. ALL PROBES INCLUDED. 2MB/4MB memory per channel. IN STOCK 650
HP  16505A Prototype Analyzer. High level language debugging in windows environment for  HP 16500C/D. IN STOCK 195
HP  16510B 100/35MHz Timing/State, 80 channels.  For HP 16500A/B/C.  150
HP  16550A 500/100 MHz Timing/State, 102 chan.  4K/8K per channel. For 16500A/B/C.  290
HP  16555A 500/110 MHz Timing/State, 68 chan.  2MB memory.  450
HP  16555D 500/110MHz Timing/State, 68 chan.  2MB memory.  495
Agilent 16716A 68 chan. 167 MHz, 512kb/ch memory, 667 MHz timing state IN STOCK 6z50 195
HP  54620A 16 channel logic analyzer. Automatic freq., period, hold & setup time. GPIB interface. No data cable. 250
Tektronix TLA7M4 68Ch, 2GHz timing, 100MHz state analyzer module for TLA 700 series analyzers 350
Tektronix TLA7012 Logic Analyzer Mainframe. Modules are available separately.  call
Tektronix TLA7BB4 high-speed state synchronous capture, high-speed timing capture and analog capture through the same  probes k7 call
Tektronix TLA7SA16 Differential high speed analisis module for Tektronix TLA series analyzers 16 channels up to 8Gbps IN STOCK k7 call
Tektronix TLA704 Logic analyzer system with 7M4 board.  IN STOCK 750
Agilent  8757C Scalar Network Analyzer. IN STOCK. Detectors are available separately.  950
HP 8510C Vector Network analyzer. IN STOCK!  1750
HP 8720B 20GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Option 001. SOLD 5950
HP 8720C 20GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) IN STOCK! option 001 7950
HP 8722C 40GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). IN STOCK! 11950
HP 8722D 40GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Two port. IN STOCK options 085 and 089 are available 19500
HP 8753D 6GHz Vector Network analyzer (VNA). Opt 006 IN STOCK! 4950
HP  3589A Network/Spectrum analyzer. Built-in source. 150MHz bandwidth 1950
HP  4195A Network Analyzer 4 port 10Hz-500MHz Color display, built in source and DC bias 2495
HP  8755C Scalar Network analyzer. 3 channel, 10MHz-18.5GHz. With HP182T display. IN STOCK    650
Anritsu 54107A Scalar Network analyzer with built in source. IN STOCK  Detectors are available from $100 1950
HP  8757A Scalar Network analyzer. Opt 001, 4th Input channel. Detectors are available 695
HP 8757C Scalar Network Analyzer 40GHz range. 3 input channels. IN STOCK 895
HP 11664A RF Detector 10MHz-18.5GHz for HP8757 series scalar network analyzers  250
HP 11664B RF Detector 10MHz-26.5GHz for HP8757X series scalar network analyzers 350
HP 82025A Coaxial Detector for Agilent scalar network analyzers IN STOCK iii 695
HP 85027C Directional bridge. For HP series 8755/8756 and 8757 Scalar Network Analyzers 1200
HP 85027E 26.5GHz Directional bridge for HP & Agilent Scalar network analyzers 6z7 1500
HP 89410A Vector Signal Analyzer. OPTIONS:   AY7/AYA/UFG/UG7   1950
BMI  4800 AC power analyzer and data recorder. Detect virtually any type of problem with AC power. IN STOCK 650
Dranetz  606-1 600 VAC max. Detects and measures Impulse, Sag/Surge, Slow Average.  Clock with backup records time of the event. Automatically prints disturbance information.  Built in printer.  650
Dranetz 646 Power Disturbance Analyzer with event printer and RS-232 interface 650
Dranetz  808 Power demand analyzer with built in printer. Accurate record of  power consumption over time 795
LEM Norma D4000 Power Quality Analyzer. 1 or 3 phase, 30A, 600V. GPIB & RS232 options 1750
Valhalla 2300 Repair service for Valhalla 2300 Power analyzer. Flat rate. 24 years in the business 800
Valhalla 2301 Repair service for Valhalla 2301 Power analyzer. Flat rate. 22 years in the business 800
Valhalla 2300L Repair service for Valhalla 2300L Power analyzer. Flat rate. 24 years in the business 800
Yokogawa WT230 Power Analyzer 3 channel (3 phase) with opt. C1,EX1. GPIB. IN STOCK! 3300
Yokogawa 760503 Power Analyzer 3 channel (3 phase) with opt. C1,EX1. GPIB. IN STOCK! 3300
HP 35665A Dynamic Signal Analyzer. DC-102kHz, built in signal source. Options 1D2, 1D3 2250
    Communication Analyzers: Protocol, LAN, Telephone, Cable  
Agilent 4156C Repair Service. From $960. Quick turnaround. 24 years in the business 960
Agilent 41501B HP41501B Repair Service. From $950. Quick turnaround.  Free estimates. 24 years in the business 950
Anritsu MP1632A Data Analyzer. Options 1,2,3. AS-IS. 6z50 450
Boonton 4400A Boonton 4400A RF Peak Power Analyzer repair service. Flat rate, Quick turnaround. 24 yrs. in the business. 1200
Boonton 4500A Boonton 4400A RF Peak Power Analyzer repair service. Flat rate, Quick turnaround. 24 yrs. in the business. 1200
HP E1725A Time Interval Analyzer with distribution amplifier module. 6z7 1350
HP  4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer Repair Service. 24 years in the business. From $650  650
HP  4155A Semiconductor Analyzer. 1 YEAR WARRANTY. New display. 7500
HP 4155A Repair Service. From $495. Quick turnaround. 24 years in the business  495
HP 4155B Repair Service. From $960. Quick turnaround. 24 years in the business. DEMO 960
HP 4156A Repair Service. From $960. Quick turnaround. 24 years in the business.  960
HP 4156A Semiconductor parameter Analyzer. High resolution. IN STOCK. 1 year WARRANTY 9995
HP 4191A HP4191A Accessories Kit. COMPLETE. In stock 995
HP 4192A REPAIR SERVICE.  FLAT RATE. 24 years in the business. 1200
HP 4194A REPAIR SERVICE.  FLAT RATE. 24 years in the business. From $650 to $1950.  650
HP  8970A Noise figure meter. ENR measurements to 1500MHz. Noise sources are available. 850
HP 41501A HP41501A Repair Service. From $950. Quick turnaround. Free estimates. 950
HP 41501A High Power SMU Expansion for HP / Agilent Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers. 1 YEAR WARRANTY 1950
Solartron 1200 Dynamic Signal Analyzer. DC-50kHz, Built-in signal source: PRBS, Impulse, Multi-S, 50mV-5V  pic 975
Tektronix  VM700A Video signal analyzer Options 1 & 11. IN STOCK! HW ver 2.6 750
Tektronix VM700T Video signal analyzer OPTIONS available IN STOCK pic  1200
Tektronix  DAS9200SE Digital analysis system. Boards are available separately. IN STOCK. 450
Tektronix  RFM151 CATV signal analyzer. Complete signal measurements from 5MHz-1080MHz. RS-232 interface. pic  850
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BK  1803B 100MHz handheld frequency counter. Rechargeable batteries specs Pic 75
EIP  535B 18GHz Microwave counter. -30dB sensitivity 12 digit resolution.  Option 8 (GPIB). IN STOCK. pic  750
EIP 575 18GHz Source Locking Microwave counter with GPIB Interface. Opt 9 (rear input). IN STOCK. 950
Fluke PM6685 300MHz Universal Counter Timer. IN STOCK! 495
Fluke PM6680/616 Universal Counter Timer with options PM9691 and PM9624. 2.7 GHz and high stability timebase 695
HP  5314A 100 MHz Universal Counter  2 channels, 25mV sensitivity  Optional 001 High stability Time base ( <1 part in 10E7) 150
HP  5315A 100 MHz Universal Programmable Counter. 7 digit resolution. Measure freq., period, ratio, time interval, totalize. 2 channels, 10mV sensitivity, x1 and x20 attenuator, adj. trigger level. Opt 004 is available 150
HP  5316A 1 GHz 3 channel Universal Programmable Counter. 8 digit resolution. Measure freq., period, ratio, time interval, totalize. 10mV sensitivity, x1 and x20 attenuator, adj. trigger level. Opt 001 250
HP 5328B 100 MHz Universal Frequency Counter options  010/031 450
HP 5334A 100 MHz Universal counter. 12 functions, 2 channels, HPIB interface. 300
HP 5335A 225 MHz Universal Counter Options 020, 040.  IN STOCK! 350
HP 5342A 18 GHz Frequency counter with options 002 850
HP 5343A 26.5 GHz Frequency counter, High stability time-base (opt 001) IN STOCK 900
HP  5345A Universal Counter 500MHz, 25mV sensitivity, 9000 measurements/sec,  Option 11 850
HP  5355A Converter plug-in for the HP5345A counter. Extends frequency range to 40GHz 350
HP  5370A Time interval counter. 100MHz max, pS resolution. -1.3 to 2V trigger range, HPIB 950
Racal 1995 Universal Time Interval Counter 200MHz 12 Functions GPIB Hi Stability option 350
FLUKE  8000A 3 ½ Digit Bench DMM. Measures voltages up to 1200V RMS 95
FLUKE  8012A 3 1/2 Digit Bench DMM, Low Ohm scale with 10millOhm resolution, True RMS  120
FLUKE 8520A Programmable System DMM. High speed mode. IN STOCK 495
FLUKE  8050A 4.5 Digit Bench DMM dBm, Conductance, True RMS with optional rechargeable batteries 150
FLUKE 8505A 6.5 digit DMM options 2A/3/5/9. AC/DC Volts and Amps, True RMS, Ohms and GPIB IN STOCK 650
FLUKE 8840A 5.5 Digit DMM options 5 and 9. GPIB and AC RMS. 7k 395
HP 3478A 5.5 Digit DMM with HPIB interface. IN STOCK 7k 195
Instek   GDM-8040 DMM, Benchtop, Frequency, Capacitance, Max/Min, Relative, Temperature, 20A AC/DC 120
Keithley  175 4.5 digit DMM V/A/Ohms, 4.5 digit resolution, dB, Relative, Logging, Auto/Man 150
Keithley  177 Microvolt meter DMM V/A/Ohms, 4.5 digit resolution, 20mV DCV and 20uA DC ranges.  195
Keithley  197 5.5 digit DMM. dB, Relative, Logging, Auto/Man, GPIB interface 195
Keithley 197A 5.5 digit DMM, 4 wire Ohm measurements (1mOhm resolution). 6z50 295
Keithley 199 5.5 digit DMM/Scanner with GPIB interface. NO LEAD TIME 395
Keithley 614 Electrometer Digital10-E14 Amp sensitivity, 5+E13 Ohm impedance. Voltage, Charge, Current measurements ii 595
Keithley  619 Electrometer Dual Channel 10fA-2A, 10mOhm-2TOhm, 1uV-200V.  GPIB interface.  Two measurement channels allow add or subtract results from two signal sources. 995
Keithley 6194 Input module for Keithley 619 Electrometer 300
Phillips PM2718/2 True RMS Multimeter with dB scale, frequency counter, logic probe 195
                RESISTANCE                   INDUCTANCE                    CAPACITANCE    
Agilent 4284A Agilent 4284A Repair Service. Flat rate, quick turnaround. 25 years in the business. 950
Boonton 72B 1MHz Capacitance Meter 8 ranges; from 1pF range to 3000pF range. IN STOCK! Adapters are included 350
General Radio 1621 Capacitance Measuring System. Complete. IN STOCK! 4950
HP 4338A IN STOCK Programmable Digital Micro Ohm meter. 4 digit resolution. IN STOCK 850
HP 4262A LCR meter 100Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, Q & D measurements. IN STOCK           6/5 650
HP  4275A 10MHz LCR meter Impedance, Q, D measurements. GPIB interface. 1350
HP 4278A 1MHz Capacitance Meter with Handler interface (201). SOLD 1200
HP  4140A Pico-amp meter and Voltage source. Measure I, I-V and quasi-static C-V. Analog output (001), HPIB (101)  695
Keithley 487 Pico-Amp Meter and Voltage Source 2nA to 2mA. Programmable. SOLD 1495
Philips PM6303A LCR Meter IN STOCK. 0.25% accuracy, Axial adapter is available. 6z7 795
Polar 550 Short circuit locator. 0.01 Ohm resolution. Audio tone indication of a resistance value. 295
Sencore  SCR250 SCR tester for use with LC102 analyzer.  pic  195
3M 709 Static voltage meter. 100kV range, 3.5 digit LCD display 150
American Reliance AR-180T Transmission loss tester/DMM.  Combines a transmitter & AC voltmeter with dB scale. DCV and Ohms  pic  120
Boonton 92E RF Voltmeter 1GHz bandwith, -70 to +30 dBm. Probe is available separately. 195
EG&G  410 C-V plotter for silicon wafer analysis. Built in 1MHz analog capacitance meter 1195
HP 400EL RF Voltmeter. 10MHz BW, 1mV-300V in 12 ranges. dB and Volt Meter scale 295
HP 428B DC Clamp-on Current meter. 1mA to 10A, 3% accuracy. DC-400Hz, 6z5 395
HP 432A RF Power Meter. Late serial number version. Cable and sensor are not included 95
HP  436A RF Power Meter with HPIB (opt. 022).  Eligible for Agilent trade-in program towards EMP purchase. 250
HP  438A RF Power Meter. Dual channel, OPT 002 (rear connectors) RF power measurements to 40GHz. GPIB 295
HP 5004A Signature Analyzer. Troubleshooting tool lets you identify defective boards quickly without technical knowledge.  195
HP  5005B Signature Analyzer/Voltmeter/Frequency Counter/Ohm meter in one compact unit. Pic 395
HP  5006A Signature Analyzer. Troubleshooting tool lets you identify defective boards quickly without technical help. HPIB interface (option 040) 250
HP  8405A Vector voltmeter. 1-1000MHz range, 1uV-1V input, PLL. Can be used as a sampling amplifier. Complete accessories set. Pic 750
HP 8508A Vector voltmeter with HP85081A High impedance module. IN STOCK! 950
Raham 4C Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Meter 200kHz to 26GHz Power density 0.02 to 20mw/cm square 6z5 SOLD 450
RFL 912 AC-DC Gauss meter 0 - 10kGauss WITH PROBE            6/5 695
Rohde Schwartz  UPSF2E2 UPSF2 noise meter measurement module.  290
Valhalla 2000-3 Digital AC Wattmeter 2000Wt, 0-20A, 0-300VAC 350
Wavetek 8501A Peak RF Power meter. IN STOCK. Newer version with plasma display 1495
Agilent 33120A 15MHz Arbitrary / Function generator. IN STOCK. 6z50. Option 001 available 550
HP  3312A 12MHz Sweep/Function Generator. Dual output. 1mHz-12MHz, AM/FM/Phase 275
HP  3324A 21MHz Synthesized Programmable Sweep/Function Generator.1mHz to 21MHz @ +/-5PPM. 1mV amplitude resolution. 495
HP  3325A 21 MHz Synthesized Programmable Sweep/Function gen. Option 001 & 002 850
HP  3325A 21 MHz Sweep/Function generator. Output: 1mV-10V into 50 Ohm load  opt 001 495
HP 8111A 20MHz Pulse/Function generator. IN STOCK 395
HP 8116A 50MHz Pulse Function Generator Programmable (National Instruments supported) 550
HP  8165A 50MHz Pulse Function Generator:  Option 002 (Sweep) IN STOCK 950
HP  8165A 50MHz Pulse Function Generator with Options 002, 003 IN STOCK! 1250
HP  8904A Dual output Waveform synthesizer. Opt. 001, 002. FM and Stereo Modulation, 2nd output channel, DTMF sequences, Programmable phase. 6z5 450
Krohn-Hite 5400B Function Generator 5MHz, 30V p-pk into open circuit, 70dB attenuator, Var symm 350
Pragmatic 2416A Arbitrary Waveform Generator 100MS/s 12 bit resolution 64k wave memory. MM 595
Stanford Research  DS335 3.1MHz Synthesized Sweep Function generator. GPIB & RS232. 1uHz resolution, 10 Vpp into 50 Ohm 450
Stanford Research  DS345 30MHz Synthesized Function Arbitrary Sweep generator. 1 µHz to 30.2 MHz, 1 µHz resolution.Noise, AM/FM/Burst/Phase 895
Topward   TFG 4613 12 MHz function generator, Sine, Square, Triangular, Pulse  AM/FM/Sweep functions, dual output, Var. symmetry 150
Tektronix FG501A 2MHz Function generator plug-in for TM500/5000 series chassis. IN STOCK 175
Tektronix AWG2021 Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator 125MHz. IN STOCK! Options 2 & 9 895
Tektronix AWG2040 500MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator opt 1,3,9. 4MB record length (opt 001), Digital outputs (opt 003), FFT editor (opt 009) 1950
Tektronix AFG3251 240MHz Arbitrary/Function generator 2.5Gs/s sampling rate USB, Ethernet 2750
Tektronix FG504 40MHz Sweep/Function Generator 20V p-pk output. For TEK TM500 chassis 595
Wavetek  22 11 MHz Frequency stabilized Sweep/Function Generator. Frequency accuracy 0.09% from 100Hz-11MHz LCD display, Lin/Log sweep, 20V p-p, 6 functions, small size  Full specifications  250
Wavetek  131 2MHz Function Gen. with VCG Freq. control by ext.voltage, 50/600Ohm output, -60dB to +10dB 150
Wavetek  166 50MHz Sweep Function Pulse, 15V p-pk into 50Ohm, AM/FM Lin/Log sweep 595
Wavetek   186 Phase lock generator. 0.0001Hz to 5MHz, phase lock to external frequency. Rack mount case. Pic 550
Wavetek  275 Function-Arbitrary waveform generator. 10mHz-12MHz,  Record length 8192 points (opt 4)  795
Wavetek  288 20MHz Synthesized Function Generator, 30V p-p output, FM/AM/Sweep/Phase Angle. 495
Agilent E8254A 40GHz PSG-A Signal Generator IN STOCK! Options 1E1, 1EA, UNJ  6z5 SOLD 22500
Eaton   380K11  Synthesized signal generator. Plug-ins are available separately. Pic 1295
Eaton P3604.0E1 Plug-in module for Eaton 380K11 mainframe. 4GHz, +18.5dBm, FSK/FM/AM/Phase modulation 1950
Gigatronics 900 Synthesized Sweep Generator 50MHz-18GHz Opt. 6,8,16,15,C,213 2950
HP ESG-1000A 1GHz Synthesized Signal generator with AM/FM/Phase/Pulse modulation opt 1D5 995
HP  8350B Sweep oscillator mainframe. For HP 83000 and HP 86000 series plug-ins 550
HP   8656B  Synthesized signal generator 0.1-990MHz.  -127dBm to +13dBm output. Option 001 and 002 are available  pic 850
HP  8657A Synthesized signal generator 0.1-1047MHz, -127dBm to +13dBm output opt 001 Pic  950
HP   8657B  Synthesized signal generator 0.1-2060MHz. -127dBm to +13dBm output. IN STOCK. 1550
HP 8672A Synthesized Signal generator 2-18GHz, +3dBm leveled output, FM/AM inputs 1950
HP 8672S Synthesized Signal Generator 10MHz-18GHz, +10dBm output, Pulse modulation 3500
HP  8614A RF generator. 0.8-2.4GHz range. +10dBm (10mW) max power, 120dB attenuator, ext.AM/FM/Pulse 450
HP  8620C RF Sweep generator. 10MHz to 22GHz range. 862XX plug-ins are listed below.  HPIB interface  pic 495
HP  83525A Sweep oscillator plug-in. 10MHz-8.4GHz. Late serial number. IN STOCK. 1500
HP  83570A Sweep oscillator plug-in.  18GHz-26.5GHz. For HP 8350A/B sweep oscillator. 1200
HP 83590A Sweep oscillator plug-in. 2 to 20 GHz. Option 004 1950
HP  86220A Sweep oscillator plug-in. Frequency range: 10MHz  to 1.3GHz.. 13dBm max. output 495
HP  86222B Sweep oscillator plug-in. Frequency range: 10MHz  to 2.4GHz.. 13dBm max. output 595
HP  86240C Sweep Oscillator Plug-in. 3.6 to 8.6 GHz., +20dBm For HP8620 &  HP8350A/B with adapter 400
HP  86241A Sweep Oscillator Plug-in. 3.2 to 6.5 GHz, +8dBm MAX level output, EXT. AM/FM mod. 350
HP  86242D Sweep Oscillator Plug-in. 5.9 to 9 GHz, 10mW output 350
HP  86290B 2-18 GHz Sweeper Plug-in. Sweep or CW mode. 10dBm max leveled output; Power variation: +/-0.9 dB internally leveled. pic 950
HP  86602A Sweep Oscillator Plug-in. 1 to 1300MHz. For HP 8660 Generator 350
HP 83752A 20GHz Synthesized Sweeper 100kHz-20GHz Sweep CW AM/FM/Pulse IN STOCK k5 3950
HP 8341B 10MHz - 20GHz Signal generator, +10dBm power, Sweep, Programmable   6/7 2500
HP 83620A 20GHz Synthesized Sinal Generator. IN STOCK 6z7 3500
HP  83623A 20GHz Synthesized Signal Generator OPT 001, 004. IN STOCK 6z50 3500
HP  E6432A 20GHz Synthesized Signal Generator OPT UNF IN STOCK. ii 1995
HP 70340A 20GHz Signal Generator.  Options 1E1, 1E8 IN STOCK 1Hz resolution, 90 dB atten 2500
HUGHES 47722H-1550 50 GHz Q Band Signal Generator. Sweep from 33 to 50 GHz. Complete system 2500
Wavetek  955 Signal source 7.5-12.4 GHz, +10dBm, +/-0.1dB flatness, 25dB control range, Long term stability: 0.009%, Harmonics: <-20dBc, Spurious noise: -55dBc. internal AM/FM modulation, Sweep or CW. External power leveling and Phase lock  795
Wavetek  1084 3500-4500 MHz Sweep/CW generator with digital readouts. +13dBm to -60dBm 350
Wiltron 6637A-40 Microwave Sweep Signal Generator 2-18.6GHz Synthesized, +12dBm max MM 950
Wiltron 6653A Microwave Sweep Signal Generator 2-26.5GHz Synthesized, +16dBm max  MM 1800
HP 8005B 20MHz Dual output pulse generator. Adjustable transition times IN STOCK 395
HP  8007B 100MHz, max repetition rate. Rise/Fall time <2nS-250uS, DC offset, TTL, ECL, pos/neg output 350
HP  8015A 50MHz pulse generator. Burst option (002) Dual  adjustable outputs plus TTL 495
HP  8018A 50MHz Serial Data/PRBS Generator, 2048 bit, dual channel memory, Variable word and pattern length, TTL, ECL, CMOS compatible, Programmable,PRBS and mixed data.   HPIB interface.  195
HP  8082A 250MHz repetition rate, 2.3nS min pulse width, 1nS rise/fall time. 5V into 50Ohm. Two outputs. pic 850
HP  8112A 50MHz, adjustable transition times, burst mode, GPIB, upgraded for reliability 650
HP  8175A Digital data generator. 32 TTL/CMOS channels. All pods and flying lead probes included. option 002/005  pic 950
Interface Tech. RS-690 250MHz digital word generator. 64 channels, up to 16kB of data per chan. Min pulse width 4nS. Options included: Floppy disk, ECL pods, Variable current data pod (50Ohm) pic  pic 1500
LeCroy  9211 Pulse generator plug-in. 250MHz repetition rate. IN STOCK. 300pS rise time, 5V into 50 Ohm.   495
Noisecom  NC9656 Programmable noise generator. 500MHz-9GHz, 0dBm max output, 80dB attenuator with 1 dB step resolution, GPIB interface, Filter function 995
SRS  DG535 Repair service for your Stanford Research Systems DG535 Digital delay generator.  750
Stanford Research  DG535 Programmable Delay Generator. 4 output channels.  Options 001 and 002 2950
Tektronix PG502 10Hz-250MHz Pulse generator, 1nS rise time, +/-5V output (5V p-pk max). Single pulse mode. Pic 250
Tektronix DG2020A Programmable Data Generator. Data Pods are available. IN STOCK 950
Tektronix DG2030 Programmable Data Generator. 400MHz optional 4th channel 2500
Tektronix P3420 Data Pod for the TEK DG20XX series data generators with interface cable 950
Wavetek  680-3 100 MHz Pulse Generator Modules. Add channels to your Wavetek 869 modular pulse gen. 190
Wavetek  802 50MHz Pulse Generator. 5nS Rise/Fall time. Rack mount case option. 395
Wavetek  EH2000 200MHz max repetition rate. 1nS rise time, 5V p-pk into 50Ohms. Fully programmable 850
HP  204C Sinewave oscillator 0.1Hz-1.2MHz, low distortion 600Ohm output.  95
HP  204D Sinewave oscillator 0.1Hz-1.2MHz, low distortion 600Ohm output.  195
PTS 04053N10 40MHz Frequency Synthesizer 0.01Hz resolution, 13dBm output 495
TEKTRONIX  SG502 Low distortion Oscillator, 10Hz to 100kHz Sine and Square Waves, Low distortion Sine Wave, 5 V RMS, 600Ohm output impedance, 70dB attenuator with 10dB steps. 195
Agilent  E1441A Arbitrary Waveform Generator 15MHz, 12Bit, 40Msa/s, 16K waveform memory. ii 1200
Andy Hish  ESD255 ESD Generator with Human Model probe. 25kV max. Event counter (opt A)  Pic  Specs 1950
ENI ACG-3 PT-51 Plasma Generator. 13.5MHz, 300Wt output power. "N" connector output. 2000
HP  16522A Data pattern Vector generator for HP 16500 series analyzers.   PROBES & TTL/CMOS PODS ARE INCLUDED. Add $300 for HP16500B 750
Leader  LCG-399A PAL Video Signal Generator. Selectable audio modulation formats, Composite video, Full channel coverage.  195
Micronetics NOD-5107 100MHz Noise Generator, +10dBm max, user Signal+Noise mixing 70dB atten. 450
New Wave Instr. LRS-100 Spread Spectrum Generator. PN, Gold, Orthogonal-Gold, JPL, Barker, truncated and appended codes. BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK (SQPSK) & Burst modes of operation 950
NoiseCom  UFX/BER IBS/IDR Noise generator capable of Carrier-to-noise (C/N), Carrier-to-noise density (C/No), Bit energy-to-noise density (Eb/No), Carrier-to-interferer (C/I), RF power and Precision  noise generator. Optional Automatic Gain control (Tracking). pic 950
Quantum Data 882E HDMI Signal Generator & Analyzer. IN STOCK. ITE, TME, HDMI Transmitter Dual, HDMI Receiver Dual, HDCP  995
Philips PM5518TN Multisystem Video Generator; PAL/SECAM/NTSC, Sound, RF Bands, Teletext 350
Philips PM5630 Video Test generator. PAL 625 lines. Digital, conforms to EBU & RS170A std. 150
Tektronix   AGL1 Analog Generator Lock module for TG2000 mainframe. IN STOCK 195
Tektronix   AVG1 Analog Multi format generator module for Tektronix TG2000 IN STOCK 195
Tektronix   BG1 Black Generator module for Tektronix TG2000.  IN STOCK 195
Tektronix   DVG1 Digital Generator module for Tektronix TG2000.  IN STOCK 195
Tektronix   TSG131A Milti-Format video test generator with audio (Opt 003). PAL format.  IN STOCK 495
Tektronix   TSG170 Video test generator. 15 test patterns. Digital genlock. NTSC format.  IN STOCK 450
Tektronix   TSG422 Video test generator. Serial Digital video.  IN STOCK 375
Tektronix   1410 Video test generator with  SPG2, TSG7, TSP1,  TSG3,   TSG5, TSG6 .  IN STOCK 495
Tektronix   1411 Video test generator with  SPG12, TSG11, TSP11,   TSG13,  TSG15, TSG16.  IN STOCK 595
Tektronix   1910 Video test generator/ Inserter. Studio, transmitter and transmission test signals. 10-Bit signal generation. Opt 1 avail.  Pic 495
Tektronix VITS100 Video test generator/ Inserter. NTC 7, FCC, and VIR Signals. FCC composite, multiburst   IN STOCK 395
Tektronix VITS200 Generator/Inserter NTC7, FCC, VIRS, and GCR Signals Cable Multiburst and Sweep Signals. IN STOCK 495
Tektronix DBI200 VBI Data Broadcasting Insertion System. All the features of VITS200 with addition of a computer interface. New in a box 595
Velonex  510 Surge Transient generator. Connects directly to AC mains and generates up to 2.5kV transients.  IN STOCK 4500
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RF Amplifiers, Optical Test Equipment, Enviromental Test, Data Acqusition Instrumentation, Microwave components
MAKE MODEL  RF Power Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, Bipolar power supplies, TWT Amplifiers USD$
Amplifier Research 150A250 100kHz to 250MHz 150Wt. Adjustable gain countrol. Programmable.  IN STOCK 001 5950
Comtech 30/5270 1-2 GHz Power Amplifier 30Wt, min 45dB gain, Power meter, GPIB 1950
CPI VZL6943J2 1-2.5 GHz 250Wt RF Amplifier "L" Band. 50dB minimum gain, Programmable, RF Sampling output. k7 7500
EG&G PARC 113 Low Noise Preamplifier with Hi/Lo Pass Filter, Differential input 495
EG&G PARC 5204 Lock-in Phase Analyzer 5Hz-100kHz, 1uV-250mV Differential inputs 650
EG&G PARC 5209 Lock-in Phase Amplifier 200kHz, 1uV-5V Single or Difference input 595
Signal Recovery 5209 Lock-in Phase Amplifier 200kHz, 1uV-5V Single or Difference input 595
ENI 503L Power Amplifier 2-500MHz, 3Wt, 40dB Gain.    6z70 950
ENI 510L Power Amplifier 1.7-500MHz, 9.5Wt, 45dB gain. 6z50 1950
HP 6827A Bipolar Power Supply Power Amplifier +/-100V, 0.5A. 50kHz BW 795
Hughes  1077H11 TWT Amplifier 18-26.5 GHz, 1 Watt output. Full specs are available.  IN STOCK 1950
Hughes  8020H03F000 TWT Amplifier X Band 8-12.4GHz, 20 Watt output. SOLD 3950
Hughes  8000H TWT Amplifier 3-5 GHz, 20 Watt output. Full specs are available upon request.  1950
Hughes  8000H TWT Amplifier 10-15GHz, 40 Watt output. Full specs are available upon request.    3750
Kalmus  166AP Pulse amplifier. 400-450MHz, 300Wt output power. Linear gain. 1950
Kepco BOP50-4M Bipolar Power Supply Amplifier +/-50V, +/-4A, four quadrant operation. k5 850
Kepco BOP72-5M Bipolar Power Supply Power Amplifier. +/-72V, +/-5A four quadrant  850
Kepco BOP100-1D Bipolar Power Supply Power Amplifier +/-100V, +/-1A four quadrant 795
Kepco BOP100-2M Bipolar power supply / Amplifier +/-100V, +/-2A four quadrant  795
Kikusui  POW35-5 Bipolar power supply / Amplifier +/-36V, 5A, 20kHz BW, high gain 550
SRS SR440 DC-300MHz 4 channel Amplifier. Cascaded gain of up to 625.  ii 495
Tektronix AM502 Differential Amplifier with adjustable bandpass and gain 1MHz BW 295
Varian VZM6991K3 TWT Amplifier 8 to 18 GHz, 20Wt output, 40dB gain. IN STOCK. ii 3500
    RF ATTENUATORS; Programmable Step Attenuators, Manual Step Attenuators  
HP  8492A Attenuator with APC-7 connector. Available values: 3,6,10,20db   45
Agilent  8493A 12.5GHz attenuator. SMA connectors. Available values: 3,6,10,20,30dB   45
Agilent  8494B Programmable step attenuator, DC-18GHz, 11dB, "N" connectors (opt 002) 550
Agilent  8495B Step attenuator DC-18GHz, 70dB, "N" connectors. With base stand. SOLD 450
Agilent  8495G Programmable step attenuator, DC-4GHz, 70dB, SMA conn.. 5VDC opt 002, 011 395
Agilent 8494H Programmable step attenuator, DC-18GHz, 70dB, SMA connectors; opt 002. Available as a set with Agilent 8495H and 11716C kit. 395
Agilent  8495H Programmable step attenuator DC-18GHz, 70dB, SMA’s  (opt. 002) 495
HP 8495H Programmable Step Attenuator DC-26.5GHz, 70dB, 3.5mm conn. mm 795
HP 8496H Programmable Step Attenuator DC-18GHz, 110dB, SMA conn. mm 795
Agilent  33320H Programmable step attenuator, DC-18 GHz, 11dB, SMA conn. Sold as set of 2 395
Agilent  33321H Programmable step attenuator, DC-18 GHz, 70dB, SMA conn. Sold as a set of 2 395
Agilent 33324K 11dB Step attenuator DC-26.5GHz. 1dB step.  IN STOCK 850
Agilent 33326K 90dB Step Attenuator DC-26.5GHz, 10dB step. IN STOCK 850
Agilent 33326-60002 90dB Step Attenuator DC-40GHz, 2.4mm connectors IN STOCK mm 1200
Agilent 33326-60003 90dB Step Attenuator DC-50GHz, 2.92mm connectors IN STOCK mm 1850
Agilent 33325-60006 60dB Step Attenuator DC-50GHz, IN STOCK. mm 1450
Agilent  84904K 26.5GHz, 11dB Step attenuator. Programmable. OEM p/n 33324K ii 995
Agilent 84906L 40GHz 90dB Step attenuator. OPT 006 2.95 mm SMA compatible 6z7 995
Agilent 84906K 26GHz, 90dB, 2.92mm connectors (option 6) IN STOCK! 6z7 975
HP 84907K 26.5GHz, 70dB Programmable attenuator   OEM p/n 33327K     6/7 795
Anritsu  41KC-3 Attenuator 3dB, 2Wt, DC-40 GHz,    75
Anritsu  41KA-6 Attenuator 6dB, 2Wt, DC-18 GHz, NEW!                 QIV    45
Anritsu  41KA-20 Attenuator 20dB, 2Wt, DC-18GHz, NEW!    IN STOCK    65
Anritsu  4522K 26.5GHz, 110dB Programmable Step attenuator 1000
HP 11713A Step Attenuator Switch driver. With 2 attenuator control cables. HPIB 395
HP  33320H Programmable step attenuator, DC-18 GHz, 11dB, SMA connectors. Get HP33321H  for only $450 395
HP  33321H Programmable step attenuator, DC-18 GHz, 70dB, SMA connectors. Get HP33320H  for only $450 395
Agilent  33322H Programmable step attenuator, DC-18 GHz, 70dB, SMA connectors, 24VDC. Save $400! 395
Agilent  33323H Programmable step attenuator, DC-26.5 GHz, 70dB, 3.5mm connectors, 24VDC. 395
HP 33324K 26.5GHz Attenuator, 11dB IN STOCK. Sold with 33326K  750
HP 33326K 26.5GHz Attenuator, 90dB IN STOCK. Sold with 33324K 750
HP  5086-7796 Programmable step attenuator, DC-26.5GHz, 70dB, 3.5mm connectors, 24VDC      750
HP  33325-60006 Programmable step attenuator, DC-60GHz, 60dB, 2.4mm connectors, 24VDC    1950
Narda  4779-6 6dB Attenuator, DC-18GHz, SMA (m/f), 2Wt. IN STOCK!         QVI    39
Weinschel  3T-10 10dB Attenuator. DC-12.4GHz, SMA (f/m). NEW! IN STOCK! QIII    55
Weinschel  3T-20 20dB Attenuator. DC-12.4GHz, SMA (f/m). NEW! IN STOCK!   QII    55
Weinschel  33-20-12 3dB, 50Wt Attenuator. DC to 8.5GHz, 3.5mm connectors. IN STOCK  195
Weinschel  33-3-12 20dB, 50Wt Attenuator. DC to 8.5GHz, 3.5mm connectors. IN STOCK 195
Weinschel  5872 DC-20GHz, 0-90dB step attenuator, 24V.  IN STOCK 695
Weinschel  152A-70-1 DC-26.5GHz, 70dB step attenuator, 24V. IN STOCK 695
Weinschel  167-110 DC-18GHz, 110dB step attenuator, 24V. IN STOCK 695
Agilent E1418-60101 Terminal block for E1418A plug-in and E6184A.  195
Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition Unit. IN STOCK  ii 450
Agilent 34901A Multiplexer module for 34970A Data Acquisition system. IN STOCK  ii z7 249
Agilent 34902A Multiplexer module for 34970A Data Acquisition system. IN STOCK  iii z7 199
Agilent 34903A Actuator module for 34970A Data Acquisition system. IN STOCK ii z7 150
Agilent 34905A RF multiplexer module for 34970A Data Acquisition system. IN STOCK vi z7 399
Agilent 34907A Multifunction module for 34970A Data Acquisition system. IN STOCK ii z7 99
Agilent N2260A General Purpouse Relay module. For Agilent 3499 systems. PF 195
Agilent  N2262A Multiplexer card for Agilent data acquisition systems. Connector block included. For Agilent 3499 systems 295
Agilent N2267A 8 channle relay module. Up to 8A. For Agilent 3499 systems. PF 195
Fluke  2620A Hydra Data Acqusition Unit with Universal  Data acquisition Module 895
HP  E1326A DMM card for the HP E1301A/B systems. IN STOCK 175
HP  E1330B Multiplexer card for VXI systems with terminal blocks. 170
HP  E1352A Multiplexer card for VXI systems; E1301B, E1302A 295
HP E1361A Relay Matrix. IN STOCK. 6z70 ii 195
HP  E1364A 16 Channel Form C switch. For VXI systems 150
HP E1366A Coaxial multiplexer for VXI system 395
HP E1401B VXI Chassis, 13 slots, high power. IN STOCK  295
HP E1406A VXI CPU Module 6z7 195
Agilent E1421B VXI Chassis, 6 slot. IN STOCK  iii 295
HP E1413C A/D Converter Module. 64 Channel, 16 bit resolution. With 8 of E1501A Input modules. 1950
HP E1418A D/A Converter Module. 16 Channel, 16 bit resolution. For VXI systems 850
HP  E1458A 96 Digital I/O Module. For VXI systems 750
HP  E8491A IEEE-1394 PC link to VXI is a C-size, 1-slot, message-based VXI module 195
Agilent E8491A IEEE-1394 PC link to VXI is a C-size, 1-slot, message-based VXI module 250
HP 16047D Test Fixture for Impedance analyzers and LCR meters. IN STOCK. k5 495
HP 16034E Test Fixture for Impedance analyzers and LCR meters. IN STOCK. k5 495
HP 16048C Test Leads for Impedance analyzers and LCR meters. IN STOCK. k5 495
HP 16085A RF adapter for impedance analyzers & LCR meters. IN STOCK. k5 795
HP 16092A Test Fixture for Impedance analyzers and LCR meters. IN STOCK. k5 SOLD 850
Agilent 3499B Switch/Control Unit. HPIB, RS-232, 2 Card slots 195
HP 34501B Multiplexer Module. 32 channel. In STOCK. 6z70 vi 950
HP 34503B Relay Module. IN STOCK! 6z70 iv 450
HP  44421A Data acquisition input multiplexer board with Terminal block 120
HP  44422A T/C interface card with terminal block for HP3497A data acquisition system 75
HP  44426A Counter module for the HP3497A data acquisition system 175
HP  44428A Actuator interface card with terminal block for HP3497 data acquisition system 95
HP  44431A High voltage actuator interface card with terminal block for HP3497 data acquisition system 95
HP  44470A Multiplexer card with connector block for HP 3488A switch unit. iii 95
HP  44471A Multiplexer card with connector block for HP 3488A switch unit. vi 95
HP  44472A Coaxial multiplexer card for the HP3488A switch unit.   iii 120
HP  44473A Relay multiplexer card for the HP3488A switch unit. New in a box. vi 150
HP  44474A Digital I/O card for the HP3488A switch unit. viii 150
HP  44478B RF multiplexer switch card for the HP3488A switch unit. ii 95
HP  44703B Memory card for the HP3852A DAQ unit. 1MB total memory 275
HP  44705F Relay multiplexer card for the HP3852A and 3853A. Newer serial number 275
HP  44710A T/C interface card. 20 channel for the HP3852A and 3853A.  450
HP  44711A High speed FET multiplexer for the HP3852A/3853A. Connector block not included.  175
HP  44714A High speed FET multiplexer for the HP3852A/3853A. Connector block not included.  175
HP  44724A 16 channel digital output card for the HP3852A and 3853A. IN STOCK. Newer serial number 195
HP  44729A 20 Channel multiplexer card for the HP3852A, 3853A. IN STOCK. Newer serial number 295
HP  59301A ASCII to Parallel converter. Permits control of many older HP instruments via HPIB interface 125
HP  59306A Relay actuator Six form-C relays. Push button or GPIB control. i 275
HP  59307A VHF Switch. Dual Single pole 4 throw. GPIB or pushbutton.  DC-500MHz, 50 Ohm  250
HP  59501B Power supply programmer. Control power supplies with analog programming capabilities with a PC via GPIB interface. Isolated.  Range +/-1V or +/-10V. 1mV/10mV resolution. LabView supported. 125
HP 59510A Relay accessory for HP/Agilent power supply output control 295
Keithley  706 Scanner/Switch unit. 10 slot for Keithley 7000 series control cards. IN STOCK 295
Keithley  7013-S Relay card for the Keithley 7001, 7002 switch control unit. 350
Keithley  7052 Relay matrix card 4x5 form factor. For Keithley 700, 7000 chassis 95
Keithley  7054 High voltage Relay matrix. For Keithley 705, 706  mainframes 150
Keithley  7055 Relay matrix card  for Keithley 705, 706  mainframes 95
Keithley  7062 RF Relay switching card. For Keithley 705, 706  mainframes 150
Keithley  7071-4 Switching matrix card for Keithley 707. Dual 4x12 matrix with 5MHz BW.  350
NI  182009-04 National Instruments GPIB interface cable, standard to Single-End Male. p/n 182009-04 X5 Double-Shielded, 4 m 49
NI  PXI-8156B National Instruments PXI bus CPU module with a Hard drive. Windows 98 O/S. IN STOCK! 495
NI  PXI-8176B National Instruments PXI bus CPU module with a Hard drive Win2000 O/S. IN STOCK! 595
NI  PXI-4070 National Instruments PXI bus DMM Module. 6.5 digit resolution.SOLD 450
NI  PXI-5404 National Instruments PXI 100MHz Signal source. IN STOCK! 395
NI  PXI-6259 National Instruments PXI Multifunction I/O Card. IN STOCK! 595
NI  SB-GPIB-TNT National Instruments GPIB board for SB bus 395
NI  SCXI-1300 Terminal block with an onboard temperature sensor for cold-junction compensation. 150
NI  SCXI-1163R 32 channel opto-isolated solid state relay module 395
NI  SB-GPIB-TNT National Instruments GPIB board for SB bus 150
NI  VXI-MXI-2 National Instruments VXI CPU card.  P/N 183345D-03. IN STOCK 350
NI MIO-64XE-10+2 National Instrument Multifunction IO card,  P/N 183390C-01 450
NI  183105A-01 National Instruments VXI CPU card. IN STOCK 350
NI  182429H-20 National Instruments VXI CPU card. IN STOCK. VXIPC-486 model 566 495
Racal 1255 Switch control mainframe. Compatiable with Racal 1261 based modules 950
Racal 1261AM VXI 13 Slot chassis. Option 14. IN STOCK! 2500
Racal 1260-13 VXI module 40 Channel switch. IN STOCK 400
Racal 1260-18 VXI module. High Density switch module.  1200
Racal 1260-22A VXI module High power switch.  iii 1950
Racal 1260-35 VXI module High density switch.  IN STOCK 850
Racal 1260-38 VXI module High density mux.  IN STOCK 850
Racal 6060B VXI Module Astronics p/n 33-1011-0000 IN STOCK  1950
Racal 6061A VXI Module Universal Analog & Digital Input/Output. Software rev 4.1, Hardware rev 3.0 1950
Racal 6061B VXI Module Astronics p/n 33-1021-0000 IN STOCK 1950
Tektronix VX4801 VXI I/O Module. Ver 1.5 In STOCK. 6z70 850
Tektronix SI5010 Programmable Scanner for TM5000 series chassis. IN STOCK 150
Fluke  52 Thermocouple thermometer. 2 channel, Record, Hold, Difference display. T/C included 65
Fluke  2190 Thermometer for use with all types of thermocouples. 10 separate temperature inputs with Y2001 T/C selector. Scanner and printer are available separately 195
Fluke  2030 Thermal Printer for Fluke temperature measuring system. 295
Fluke  Y2003 Thermocouple calibrator. AC or Battery operation 350
Honeywell  612X9 Circular Humidity & Temperature recorder. 1 Week chart, no AC or Batteries required  Picture 190
Keithley 740 Scanning T/C Thermometer. With 9 input channel card.  350
Omega  CT485B Humidity & Temperature recorder With probe and charts Pic  iii 6/5 295
Omega CTXL-TRH-W Humidity & Temperature recorder With probe and charts 6/5 350
Tektronix  P6602 Temperature probe Platinum RTD sensor. Works on TEK DMM's and Oscilloscopes. 230deg C max. Works in liquids. 50
Associated Research  5060AT DC Hipot and Ground tester. 0-6kV DC, 5mA max.  Acceptable for UL compliance testing. 495
Compliance Design   ESD2000  25kV Charge pump for ESD compliance testing  Pic PROBES NOT INCLUDED 390
Compliance Design  ESD2000i Air and Contact discharge probe set for the ESD2000i tester. 950
ED&D  HP2000 AC-DC Hipot tester, 0-3000VAC, 100-4250VDC.  Meets UL, CSA, CE, EN, IEC, MIL safety requirements Full specs Pic 850
Hipotronics  HD115 AC/DC Hipot tester. 12kVAC/15kVDC, 3 DC current ranges. IN STOCK 1950
Hipotronics HD125 AC/DC Hipot Tester. 25kVDC, 50uA. IN STOCK. 6z5 2495
Hipotronics HD140 AC/DC Hipot Tester. 40kVDC, 50uA. IN STOCK. 6z5 5750
Keytek  ECAT 103 Keytek ECAT system. Test Surge, EFT/B, ESD and PQF. IN STOCK. (call for the module availability). Pic Pic call
Keytek  E501 Module for Keytek ECAT system. IN STOCK. Pic call
Keytek  E411 EFT/Noise Burst Simulator for  Keytek ECAT system. IN STOCK call
Keytek  E4552 AC Line Coupler for EFT and Surge waves for Keytek ECAT system. 277V outlet.  call
Keytek  801-Plus Surge Test System. M801-5 Surge Network is available.  Pic call
Keytek M801-5 M801-5 Surge Network for the Keytek 801-Plus test system   Pic call
Quadtech Guardian 5000 Safety Tester ACV / DCV / Ground /Insulation Optional scanner I/F  1950
ROD-L  M30 Ground continuity tester in full compliance with BSI, VDE, IEC standards Pic CABLE INCLUDED! 550
ROD-L  M35 Ground continuity tester in full compliance with BSI, VDE, IEC standards. CABLE INCLUDED!  Pic 650
ROD-L  M100AVS5-2.8-40 AC Hipot Tester. 2.8 kV max, up to 40 mA. Test for dielectric voltage-withstand for CS, VDE, UL, IEC Pic 595
ROD-L  M100DC5.5-5 DC Hipot Tester. 5.5 kV, 5mA test current. Test for dielectric voltage-withstand for CSA, VDE, UL, IEC 595
ROD-L  M100DC5.5-10 DC Hipot Tester. 5.5 kV, 10mA. Test for dielectric voltage-withstand for CSA, VDE, UL, IEC 850
ROD-L  M988 GPIB controller for the ROD-L hypot and ground fault testers.  350
Ailtech 7617 Noise Source 12.5-18GHz. Compatible with HP8970A, HP8970B noise figure meters    295
Anritsu  806-206 VNA test cable. 1.85mm M-F, 24 inches. Phase stable. Sold as a set only. Unused    call
Anritsu  23N50 N type Calibration Short. Part of the Anritsu 3653 calibration kit. ii 195
Anritsu  34NFN50 N type precision connector Male to Male. New equipment! 50
Anritsu  K210 K type precision connector. DC-40GHz, Female to Female. New equipment.   95
Anritsu  3640B-W Microwave Module. For Anritsu/Wiltron network analyzers. W-band 75-110GHz.  Call
Anritsu  3740A-Q Transmission/Reflection Test set. For Anritsu/Wiltron network analyzers. Q- band 33-50GHz.     2450
Anritsu  3741A-Q Transmission Test set. For Anritsu/Wiltron network analyzers. Q- band 33-50GHz. Pic   1950
Anritsu  MA2425A RF Power Sensor 10MHz-50GHz. Demo units. With 2.4mm to 3.5mm adapter. For ML2437A, ML2438A meters 1200
Anritsu  MA4610A RF Power Sensor. -50dBm to +10dBm, 50 Ohm, 500MHz. 325
Anritsu  560-7S50-2 RF Detector 10MHz-26.5GHz. New demo units. ii 495
Anritsu  560-7S50B RF Detector 10MHz-20GHz. New demo units. iii 395
Anritsu   5400-6NF75 Autotester 1MHz-3GHz, 75Ohm, New demo units. pic ii 650
Agilent  5364A Microwave Mixer/Detector. 2-18GHz built in 70dB attenuator. pic 950
Agilent  8762B Coaxial switch DC-18GHz. SPST.    95
HP 85672A Spurious Noise Utility IN STOCK! Set of 3 cards 450
Agilent   85902A  Burst Carrier Trigger. New in a Box! Perform accurate RF power measurements with spectrum analyzer  195
Agilent 87512A Transmission Reflection Measurement kit. COMPLETE 1500
HP 346B Noise Source 10MHz-18.5GHz, 3.5mm Connector IN STOCK!  6z70 850
HP  J486A Thermistor mount power sensor. For the HP432 RF power meter 150
HP  3717A 70MHz Modulator/Demodulator. Available options:16, 17, 18, H31, H32 or 004, 031, 032, 033, 034, 035, 100 450
HP  8411A Harmonic converter for HP8410A Network analyzer.  350
HP 8481A RF Power sensor 10MHz-18GHz from -30 to +20 dBm. k7 395
HP 8481D Diode Power Sensor 10MHz-18GHz from -70 to -20 dBm. k7 350
HP  8482A RF Power sensor 100kHz-4.2GHz, 100mW. Late serial number 650
HP  8484A RF Power sensor 10MHz-18GHz, 0.1nWt to 10uWt. K7 195
HP 8485A RF Power sensor 50MHz-26.5GHz, -30dBm to +20dBm.  K7 650
HP 8485D RF Power sensors 50MHz-26.5GHz, -70dBm to -20dBm k7 395
HP 85024A High-Frequency Probe 300kHz - 3 GHz High sensitivity, 0.7pF input capacitance. Accessories incl. IN STOCK k7 1250
HP  8762A Microwave switch. 4 GHz BW, SPDT, SMA. 24VDC. Same as HP 33311A 75
HP  11665A Microwave Modulator. On/Off type. Designed to be driven directly by the HP8755 plug-in 125
HP  11691D Directional coupler 2-18GHz, 22dB coupling, dual.  Option 001 350
HP  85044A Transmission Reflection Test Set. 300kHz-3GHz, 70 dB attenuator. 750
HP  85650A Quasi Peak Adapter adds EMI receiver capabilities to the HP8566, 8567, 8568 spectrum analyzers. 395
HP 87303C Power divider 1-26.5GHz, -3dB, 3.5mm connectors 450
Integra  DWM1800 Dual wavemeter with Tunable filter. 1-18GHz range 750
Krytar  1822 Directional coupler. 2-18.5GHz, -10dB. IN STOCK! 195
Narda  3122 Directional Coupler 1-18GHz, N conn. in & out, SMA detector connector 195
Narda  23509 Directional coupler 7-18GHz, -10dB, APC-7 connectors 150
Pacific Measurements  15176 Microwave Detector Probe. 10MHz-18GHz. For use with scalar network analyzers 190
Wavetek  15176 Microwave Detector Probe. 10MHz-18GHz. For use with scalar network analyzers 190
Wiltron  ND15524 Detector 10MHz-18.6GHz, +20dBm max input, SMA input 95
Wiltron  D-25400 Directional bridge 75Ohm, Directivity 25dB <500kHz, 30dB up to 3GHz. 395
Wiltron 3640B-W Transmission/Reflection Module W-band 75-110GHz.  Picture Call
Accufiber  100C Optical fiber temperature controller. SENSORS NOT INCLUDED 350
Adaptiff  A2000 Optical Component Analyzer (Agilent N7788A). IN STOCK 6z5 call
Agilent N7788A Optical Component Analyzer (Adaptiff A2000) 6z5 call
Agilent  8156A Optical attenuator. 0.01dB step. Opt 101 1000
Agilent  8509C Polarization Controller for measurement of optical signals. 495
HP 81536A Sensor module for HP & Agilent 8153A and 8164A Lightwave multimeters. iii k7 295
Agilent 81578A Optical Attenuator module. 60dB range, 700-1400nm. Opt 062 6z50 2500
Agilent 81591A Optical Switch module. IN STOCK. 6z50 595
Agilent 81591S Optical Switch module. IN STOCK. 6z50 595
Agilent 81618A Interface module.  For Agilent 8163/8164/8169 systems. 6z50 995
Agilent 81632B Optical Power Sensor Module for Agilent 816X series equipment. 6z50  1200
Agilent 81633A Optical Power Sensor Module for Agilent 816X series equipment. 6z50 995
Agilent 81662A Laser source module for Agilent 8163/64 option 369. 6z5 1200
Agilent 81663A Laser source module for Agilent 8163/64 options 355, 359, 361  6z5 950
Agilent 81682A Tunable Laser Source for Agilent and HP 8164A/B & 8169A  6dBm max 1550nm center wavelength opt 071. 6z50  2950
Agilent  81689A Tunable Laser Source. NEW IN A BOX!  Opt 021.  3950
Ando AQ2140 Optical Multimeter for and AQ4200 series modules. IN STOCK 450
Ando AQ4211(131) 1310nm source for Ando AQ2140 meter viii 195
Ando AQ4218 Fabry-Perrot Laser source 1310nm for Ando AQ2140 Optical meter 450
Ando AQ2735 Optical power module with 9389B adapter 6z50 595
Ando AQ8201-02 Display Module for Ando optical measuring system.  PICTURE 850
BCP 410A DFB Laser Transmitter 1mW, 2GB/s, 1.5GHz analog or digital modulation. Spectral width 0.7nm, Wavelength 1300nm 950
Dicon GP700 Fiber-optic platform. Plug-ins are available. iv   395
Fiber Control MPC1-02 Polarization Controller. IN STOCK! 6z50 1200
HP 11896A Polarization controller. IN STOCK! opt. 25 6z7/5 1500
HP  8152A Optical power meter. Dual channel. GPIB interface. Sensor head not included. ii 295
HP 8153A Lightwave Multi-meter for 81500 series plug-ins iii 295
HP 81521A Optical head for HP8153A optical multimeter  k7 750
HP 81525A Optical head for HP8153A optical multimeter. K7 750
HP 81531A Wideband Optical Power Sensor module 800-1750nm 550
HP 81552SM Fabry Perot 1310nm Laser source. ii 850
HP  81533B Optical head interface module. For HP 8153A or HP 8163A  850
HP 81536A Optical Sensor Module 800-1700nm For HP 8153A or HP8163A  ii 7k 350
HP 83440C 20GHz Lightwave Detector 1300/1550nm with HP87421A power supply 7k 899
HP 83440D 32GHz Lightwave Detector 1300/1550nm with HP87421A power supply 7k 1195
HP  10780F Remote optical receiver. Sensitivity: 2.2 uW with 2 m fiber (5 uW with 10m fiber)  150
HP 83438A Erbium Laser source. 1550nm, +6dbm. IN STOCK. 6z50 995
ILX Lightwave LDT-5948  Precision Laser Diode Temperature controller.  650
Keopsys OI-BT-C-18-Sd-B-GP-FA C band fiber amplifier, 18dBm power, Freq. range: 1535-1565nm 950
Luxtron  100C  Optical fiber temperature controller. Sensors ARE NOT INCLUDED 350
Optocom Innovatio OI-BT-C-18-Sd-B-GP-FA C band fiber amplifier, 18dBm power, Freq. range: 1535-1565nm 950
VWR  20904-010 Touchless Digital Tachometer with memory. Carrying case included. 75
Astro-Med  MT9500L Oscillographic Recorder, 8 Chan, Freq.: DC-5kHz , Sampling rate: 30kHz, 12bit accuracy,  IEEE-488 & RS-232, Use as an A/D converter with digital output to host PC. Gain control for each chan. pic 975
Dranetz  626GP Graphics printer for the Dranetz 626 power line analyzer. With interface cable.  pic 195
Gould  TA240 Oscillographic Recorder. p/n 42-8240-10 IN STOCK. Model 13-6615-10S Plug-ins are available. pic 1000
HP  2225A Ink-jet printer with HPIB (IEEE-488) interface. Works with any GPIB equipped instrument that supports GPIB printing.       185
HP  2225C Ink-jet printer with Centronics (parallel) interface.   185
HP  2225D Ink-jet printer with RS-232 interface.    185
HP  7015A X-Y plotter, Opt 2, 4. 1mV/100mV/1V sensitivity on X-Y scales. X axis 6 spd. sweep 750
HP  7133A Strip chart recorder. 8 chart speeds 1 in/hr to 6in/min. Input: 1mV to 100V in 12 ranges       290
HP  7440A Color Plotter. A or A4 paper size. NEW PENS!  HPIB or RS-232C  495
HP  92203J HPIB to Centronics interface converter. Let's you use any parallel interface printer instead of GPIB printers.         95
Tektronix  HC100 Color Plotter with new pens! GPIB or Centronics interface. 295
Yokogawa DR130 Hybrid recorder. High speed, 10 Chan. 10 color chart, FDD, GPIB, Direct T/C inputs. p/n DR-130-12-11-1D 850
Yokogawa HR2300 Hybrid recorder. 30 channels, High speed, 10 color chart, GPIB, Direct T/C inputs 750
Yokogawa 376022 Hybrid recorder. 30 channels, High speed, 10 color chart, GPIB, Direct T/C inputs 750
Agilent E2609B Rack mount kit for Agilent DSO series oscilloscopes 195
Agilent 2090-0210 Color display module. New in a box! 1 year warranty.  Pic  395
Agilent  E8142-60001 Test leads set for the Agilent 16522A, 1670G, 1671G, 1672G, 16720A, E8142A      55
Agilent 10461A TTL Data Pod for Agilent 1670G series Pattern generator.  120
Agilent  10462A TTL Data Pod for Agilent logic analyzers.  With test leads. 80
Agilent  10465A ECL Data Pod for Agilent logic analyzers. With test leads. 95
Agilent  15443A Match delay cable pair. 25pS or better. SMA M-M. v 595
Agilent E8401A C-Size VXI Mainframe. 13-Slot. IN STOCK 495
Agilent E8141A Data Pod LVDS for Agilent Keysight data generator. List price $350 120
Agilent  E5359A Micro Probe makes it easy to connect an Agilent logic analyzer to the target system. New! 490
Agilent  E5346A High density adapter for Agilent & HP logic analyzers. 6z50 ii 195
Agilent  E5383A 16-channel  probe lead set for all Agilent 1650/16500/54XXX/16700/1680  analyzers   pic 150
Agilent E5810A LAN Gateway for GPIB interface IN STOCK 295
Agilent  E8401A High power VXI chassis  395
Agilent 16715-61601 Probe Cable for Agilent 16715A, 16716A, 16801A, 16802A, 16803A, 16804A, 16806A, 16822A, 16823A. Pic 95
Agilent  04155-61602 Interface cable for Agilent 16442A test fixture 250
Agilent 04155-61613 Interlock cable for Agilent 16442A Test fixture. NEW 250
Agilent 04155-61622 Triaxial cable for Agilent Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers 6z7 iii 225
Agilent 54855-67604 BNC to 3.5 mm Female Adapter ii 95
Agilent  E3003-61002 SMA plug-in for the Agilent 94000 IC tester call
Agilent  E3003-61055 Analog ground measurements module for the Agilent 94000 IC tester call
Agilent  E3003-61058 Time measurement plug-in for the Agilent 94000 IC tester call
Agilent  E3003-61070 Waveform generator plug-in for the Agilent 94000 IC tester call
HP  0950-1752 Floppy Disk Drive for the HP 4145B, HP 4195A analyzers. OEM p/n Sony MP-F52W-30 275
HP 11730B Sensor Cable 9ft long. For  HP 8400 series power sensors iii 65
HP 11730E Sensor Cable 30ft long. ARMORED. For HP 8400 series pwr. sensors  99
HP  16058A Test fixture for HP4145B, Agilent & HP 4155A,B,C and 4156A,B,C 450
HP  16346B Calibration Fixture. IN STOCK call
Agilent 16495H Connector Plate. Option 002. NEW 375
HP 16078A Adapter for 4085A Switch matrix 195
Agilent 16034H Test Fixture. SMD For HP Agilent Keysight Impedance analyzers & LCR Meters. IN STOCK! 6z50 575
Agilent 16334A SMD Tweezers for HP & Agilent LCR and Impedance analyzers. Can be used with other brands of 4 LCR meters 395
HP  5061-6175 Rack mount kit for HP 54000 series oscilloscopes 195
HP  5062-4840 Rack mount kit for HP 8590 and HP 8560 series spectrum analyzers.     295
HP  5063-9240 HP Rack Adapter Kit. NEW!      55
HP  8120-2291 Test cable for the HP 4191A RF impedance analyzer.     275
HP  8120-4387 Test cable for the HP 43521A, HP 83216A, HP 87511A, HP87511B. NEW!    iv    250
HP  8120-5639 N type test port cable for HP8752C and other network analyzers 195
Agilent  85620A Mass memory module for the HP8560 series spectrum analyzers, rev. C firmware.  275
Agilent  85727A GSM Multiband Transmitter Personality module for HP8560 series.  List price $4350 150
Agilent  16550-61601 Logic analyzer data cable. Used by HP/Agilent 1660/1670 series analyzers. Agilent price $600    150
Agilent  16710-61603 Logic analyzer data cable. Used by HP/Agilent 1660/1670 series analyzers. Agilent price $600     175
Agilent  01650-61608 16-channel  probe lead set for all HP 1650/16500/54XXX/16700/1680 series analyzers     150 
Agilent  01650-63203 Isolation adapter. 100kOhm isolation for all HP series analyzers       65
Data I/O  Unisite 68 Universal Programmer with Site 48 and Pinsite Adapters. 4MB RAM. ver 5.2 software. Pic   1250
Data I/O  3900L Universal Programmer. Adapters & Device Bases are available  Pic    950
Data I/O  39Base-0301 SOIC Base for the Data I/O 3900, 3900L, 3980 programmers. Match book adapters available   250
Data I/O   PM20-PLCC  PLCC Base for the Data I/O programmers. p/n 715-2165-001    350
Data I/O   PM32-PLCC  PLCC Base for the Data I/O programmers. p/n 715-2167-001    350
Data I/O  PM44-PLCC  PLCC Base for the Data I/O programmers. p/n 715-2168-001    395
Data I/O  PM68-PLCC  PLCC Base for the Data I/O programmers. p/n 715-2170-001     395
Data I/O  PM300-DIP DIP Base for the Data I/O programmers.  p/n 701-2515-001    295
Data I/O  PM600-DIP DIP Base for the Data I/O programmers.  p/n 701-2514-001     295
Fluke 515A Portable DMM calibrator AC/DC Ohms 875
Fibercorp Predictor Fibercorp Predictor Battery analyzer. Measure Voltage, Internal Resistance, Intercell resistance. Calculates, temperature and specific gravity. For Lead Acid batteries. Pic Specification 950
GR  1419A Decade capacitor 0.001 to 1uF. 3 decades of resolution. 0.001uF step  295
GR  1481M Standard Inductor. 5H , +/-0.25% accuracy 195
GR  1406A Standard Capacitor 1000pF, 0.1% accuracy 475
GR  1406D Standard Capacitor 100pF, 0.1% accuracy 495
GR  1432J Decade resistors 1Ohm-11,111 kOhm with 4 decades of resolution, 1 Ohm step increment 195
GR  1432M Decade resistors 1Ohm-111,111 kOhm with 5 decades of resolution, 1 Ohm step increment. 195
GR  1481A